Hugh Laurie and Jo Green, his wife of many years


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Doctor saves patient using Dr. House diagnostic medicine.


Hugh Laurie Jo Green pictures.Hugh Lauries wedding to Jo Green






Hugh Laurie Jo Green pictures of the happy couple married for 20 years.


Jo Green is the lucky woman to be Hugh Lauries wife.

As we can see by this picture, that Hugh and Jo are very much in love and he’s being silly too.  I guess you can’t take the comedian out of the man. 

He must be hilarious all the time?  He’s actually said he was pretty miserable in the House role because he was away from home and his family. 

Kind of like going in the Army for 10 and at last you are set free.  So after House, he went back home and took a vacation and did some tunes with the Copper Bottom Band.  I’m sure he’s having fun at last.

Hugh Lauries wedding to Jo Green was a happy one as shown in the photograph to your right.


Hugh Laurie and his wife Jo live in north London & Hollywood with their daughter, Rebecca, and two sons, Bill and Charlie.


They look so happy here in this photo from


Hugh Laurie with Children and wife Jo Green











Here you see Hugh and Jo Green with their daughter going to the Emmy Awards



Is there trouble in paradise?  Hugh Laurie admits Hollywood has taken a toll on his marriage.  Jo Green


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